General Information

General Information for travelers going to Jamaica Weaving to the reggae rhythms of Jamaican Carnival, the eighteen-foot Mocko Jumbies twirl and tower above the richly intermixed sea of faces, who visibly illustrate the National Motto “Out of Many, One People”. Together with the Obeah spirits (of island magic) and fable-hero Anansi the “spider-man”, these Jumbie spirits of the stubborn dead, are the purveyors of generations of...


Passport, Visa, Embassy

Passport & Visa Info The following details relate to holders of adult normal passports (requirements for children may be different), if any other type of passport or travel document is held, entry requirements should be checked with the relevant embassy or consulate. Passports Required, but NOT by the following: 1) For tourist visits up to 6 months by citizens &...


Kingston Norman Manley International (KIN) Montego Bay Sangster International (MBJ)

Health risks

Jamaica is a developing nation of approximately 2.5 million people. Facilities for tourists are widely available. International airports are located in Kingston and Montego Bay. CRIME: Crime is a serious problem in Jamaica, particularly in Kingston. MEDICAL FACILITIES: Medical care is limited compared to the western standards. While public hospitals are located in each parish...


Climate: Tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year although evenings are cooler as are the more hilly regions. Rainy months are May and Oct, but showers may occur at any time. Hurricanes are sometimes experienced between Jun-Nov. Clothing: Lightweights all year round with light woollens or sweater advised for evenings. Light rainwear is useful.