Korea (South)

General Information

General Information for travelers going to South Korea Language(s): Korean Capital City: Seoul Local Time: GMT +9 Currency: Won (KRW) Notes: KRW: 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 Coins: KRW: 10, 50, 100, 500 Dialling Code: 82 Electricity: 220V AC 60Hz


Passport, Visa, Embassy

Passport & Visa Info The following details relate to holders of adult normal passports (requirements for children may be different), if any other type of passport or travel document is held, entry requirements should be checked with the relevant embassy or consulate. Passports Required by all. Passport Validity: 1) Where a visa is not required, passports must be valid for...


Busan Gimhae (PUS). Jeju International (CJU). Seoul Gimpo International (GMP). Seoul Incheon International (ICN).

Health risks

The Republic of Korea (South Korea or ROK) is a highly developed, stable, democratic republic with powers shared between the president and the legislature. It has a modern economy, and tourist facilities are widely available. English is often not spoken outside the main tourist and business centers. CRIME : Although the crime rate in the Republic of Korea is low, in major...


Climate: Korea has a temperate climate. Winters are cold with occasional rain or snow. Summers are hot and humid, with half the annual rainfall occuring during the monsoon period between late Jun-Jul. Spring is warm and runs from late Mar-May. Autumn from Sep-Nov is warm and clear, the most pleasant time of the year. Clothing: Lightweights with rainwear in summer and light or...