Aadloun or A’adloun

A’adloun, Lebanon

Distance from Beirut: 64km
Altitude: 100m


A coastal town in South Lebanon, the name of this town comes from a Phoenician word meaning “the feast of the gods.” The town contains a number of grottos, where the remains of a human from the Stone Age was found, in addition to the Sanctuary of the Prophet Sari.


  1. Ech Al-Choumeh holds Old Cemeteries and Sarcophagi
  2. Magharat Al-Sayyadah holdsa Sarcophagi
  3. Al-Nabi Sari Shrine
  4. Dhour Al-Chiqfan holds Ruins of Sarcophagi & Caves

Natural Attractions

  1. Al-A'alabli Cave
  2. Oum Al-Bzaz Cave