Turks & Caicos Islands

General Information

Between the Bahamas and Haiti, the two groups of the Turks and Caicos together comprise about forty islands in the North Atlantic (only eight of which are inhabited). Named for the indigenous “Turk’s Head Cactus’, the smaller Turks exist below the much larger Caicos, known as caya hico (“string of islands”) to their original Taino residents. Descended from South America’s...


Passport, Visa, Embassy

Passport & Visa Info The following details relate to holders of adult normal passports (requirements for children may be different), if any other type of passport or travel document is held, entry requirements should be checked with the relevant embassy or consulate. Passports Required, but NOT by the following: 1) Citizens of Canada & United States provided holding a...

Health risks

The Turks and Caicos is an archipelago of eight major islands and numerous uninhabited cays. Most tourist facilities are located on Providenciales (Provo) and Grand Turk islands. CRIME INFORMATION: Petty street crime does occur. MEDICAL FACILITIES: Medical facilities are available, but limited in the Turks and Caicos. There is a small public hospital on Grand Turk and a...


Grand Turk International (GDT) Providenciales (PLS)


Climate: Rainfall is lower than most other Caribbean islands. Mean monthly temperature 85°F but can sometimes be rather low during winter or spring. Hurricanes can occur between Jun-Nov. Clothing: Casual and sports clothes are acceptable during the day with slightly more formal wear in the evening.